The 17 Best Useful Free Software For Windows and Mac

When you buys a new PC, preloaded software do not come much more your Windows and Mac PC. But you prefer, you can archive the amazing tools without spending. Here we will know about some tools.

For Windows:

1. Cam studio
This is a useful software. Whatever you are screen, it is competent in her record. It is recorded and converted into video. If you want to display on your computer is something. You want to broadcast it on the web, cam studio start. Next click on ” Record” icon. Minimize windows. If you want to do, she started it . After completing the work, go to ” cam studio” . Now high quality .avi video of your action. It’s just like a camera to record your screen is easy.

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2.  Cross loop
If you work on windows while trapped in a problem, so you can help. Crossloop lets anyone can connect to your computer. And your permission to can be working for some time on your computer, for this you do not need complicated VNC clients or IP address. It simply must be installed on both the PC/Mac Crossloop. Another great internet connection should be. After this you can connect to each other. Connection is safe. And may be used only with the help of password. When you start it, so every time passkeys is generated.

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3.  Dexpot

This is a great utility for the virtual desktop. If you windows while working on multiple Windows at the same time want to open, then gets stuck in your old desktop and taskbar confused. Dexpot’s help, you can keep four different desktop. Each of these can be operate like a personal computer. These are all the different windows. And all the different program are run. Keyboard shortcut’s help, you can switch between. If you are used to the little screen laptop, so it could be useful for you.

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4.  Eraser
If you are selling your old computer or hard drive, so it keeps in mind the idea that there will be sure something data in it in one way or another. Although you do delete all the data, with the help of some software, like recuva, it can be recovered. So, you can take help’s eraser software. With the help of this software you like your computer can deleted all the data safely forever. After this the data can not be recovered again. Eraser software lets over right your data the randomly pattern. And you can too choose your desired security level.

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5.  Screenleap

Screenleap  is a screen sharing service. But if you are accustomed to working on any web browser, you do not need to download and install anything, nor bother to sign in. For this you must have java, which is that most already. You want to share your screen with the people, the people on a smartphone  or tablet without the help of any application web browser access can make use of. The biggest advantage is that you can sharing together with several people.

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6.  Recuva

You can recover your document with the help of Recuva. Maybe the built-in hard drive of your computer to the data has been deleted or has been flying external USB flash drive or the data from a connected digital camera, can help you with this software. When you click on delete, then delete the file is not in reality, it is hidden. And free space is ready to go and anything can happen. As you already do not overwrite this data, or turn memory device format, it can be recovered.

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7.  Keepass

Keepass is a great software to store secure password. You can use it to store many password. These passwords can be encrypted with a single master password. It keeps all of the data in highly encrypted database. As a tool you can keep password, credit card information and bank id important data. A single master password are protected from it all. Your data is encrypted automatically on your computer. It is use of most secure encryption algorithm.

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8.  Rocket dock

If you should like Mac OS EX silk software dock and launcher, so you can take the help of rocket dock. It is very lighter. It captures not system resources. It is completely customizable. You can choose a location. You can choose different theme and animation effect. Easily add and remove shortcuts with the help of the drag and drop.
If you want, you can replace the windows taskbar completely standard. In this mode, your application dock will be minimize.

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9.  Truecrypt

If some that files in your computer, but that you should except no view, you should use of the Truecrypt. This is a automatic and realtime open source encryption software. This keep can have anything on your hard drive. This data gives the reach of apocryphal person. With its help you can too create a encrypted volume. It uses technique of the latest multi core processor is encryption – decryption. It is not the scope of your system be slow. It is very easy to use.

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10.  Xbmc

Xbmc is a best media center software to windows. It’s many works. If you have TV – connected PC. Or you watches movie on the laptop, listens song, see photos, when the Xbmc is inevitable. The interface of the easily to understand and easy TV is seeing. It does not happen in simple windows interface. That makes it even more special Xbmc users community is very impressive. And the add – ons are also good.

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11.  Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a most popular tool for desktop customization. Because you gets limited desktop customization in windows. It is replaced by the entire desktop “skins”. You can add widget, nots, launch application or unique box, in your machine. Not only that, you free it with the community installed can use thousands skins.

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12.  Zip

7 – zip is a best open source software. If you mostly deal with the zipd archives, then you may need a tool winzip, more powerful. It can handle all the format of packing and unpacking. It can be easily upgrade to the system. Its also high compretion format called the 7z. This is of great use in sending large file is smaller.

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For Mac:

13.  Mac Android file transfer

To transfer data from Mac to android or tablet it is a best tool. That is why, unlike windows, like Mac android or tablet connects mass storage for data transfer. If you are using Mac and android device, so it must have tool. When you connect the device, the popup appears. That does facility access internet popup. It also can use the Micro SD card. It also does support the drag and drop feature.

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14.  Onyx

This tool run your Mac is rapidly. This tool offers many advanced maintenance and cleaning tool. You can select the desired service in automation section. Maintenance  of this tool does work for you automatically. It also helps you to access inbuilt OSA X tool, like screen sharing and network diagnostic.

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15.  Xtrafinder

It adds some extra features your Mac default finder windows. Like, new file, copy to and move to, show hidden items refresh, cut, duel windows, folder tab, copy path, duel panels. With its help, if necessary, you can also add second sidebar in finder windows option. Which would be easy for your working style.

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16.  Alfredapp

Alfredapp is a productivity assistance that lets you launch the apps and files and does help. This tools can help you search in the web and PC. This does facility the customize hotkeys on the keyboard. Use your regular files signed monitors. And accordingly determines the result to the pryoriti.

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17.  F.lux

If you works on most Mac, the F.lux must be at the uppermost. The app reduces the fatigue of your eyes. At day the display time separates itself.

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