How To Remove Yourself From the Web

Here we are going to describe about How to remove online presence. We all use social media service like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and many more. when we create an account or public profile on social media and other sites, so here we are offered some information like Email Address, Phone number, Age, Date of birth, Current Address (city, state, zip) and Marital status. And our personal information is available to public on the internet. And due to this reason, day and night, we are afraid of their privacy lives.

If you want to remove any url from Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine , you can request to remove the any url from the Google. Google provides a URL Remover Tool for users. Other than this, if your blog post has been published on any other blog or website, that blog about removing your URL, you can talk to the blog author.

These days social networking sites, the process is very easy to make the account or public profile, however , some social networking and other sites, account deletion process is very difficult. When we want to deleted the account some particular websites like Blogger,Wordpress, Youtube, Evernote, Godaddy, Gravator, Barnes and Noble, Argyle, Social, Back blaze and some more. The account may not be fully deleted from the internet. Then you can help these 5 free service and get started.

1. AccountKiller

AccountKiller is a website that provide you to direct link to the account deletion page of most websites. This site offers instructions to terminate your public profile or account on popular websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Hotmail/ Live, Pinterest and many more. You can easily use the site. On the AccountKiller website, websites are shown in two categorizes (whitelisted and blacklisted). Whitelisted sites on AccountKiller whose means that deleting your account or public profile from these websites is very easy. Blacklisted sites means that is very difficult to delete an account from these websites. AccountKiller site also give you instructions on how to delete your account and about deleting policy such that the site can not allow you to fully delete your public profile or account.

2. Just Delete Me

Just Delete Me provide you huge list of direct links to removing your account or personal profile from any website. You go to Just Delete Me website. Here you will know that how difficult it is to remove an account or public profile? There are four categorizes sites on the Just Delete Me website. Greenlisted, redlisted, yellowlisted and blacklisted. Greenlisted sites means that these sites are very easy to remove the account. Redlisted sites means, that removing your account or personal profile from these websites is very  difficult. Yellowlisted websites means that the site is moderately difficult to remove your account. And blacklisted sites means that it is impossible to remove the account from these sites. The Just Delete Me site, a fake identity generator tool too. The tool to remove a random site’s account is used. Random site’s means, who are in need of mobile number, birth date, address and other information. This site is also a chrome extension. If you so desire, you can add the Just Delete Me chrome extension in your chrome browser from chrome web store. 

3. Forget Me

If you want to disappear on the Google and Bing search engine, forget me is a useful and easy website for you. This site help you simply find all other information that is appear at Google and Bing search engine result. To use this service, you can easily sign up for an account and create yourself search erase request. Within your search erase request, you will be appear a que of your names with  other search result. Here you can add those links that are not visible in this search results. After selecting all the link, if you want to disappear on the web,can disappear.

4. Spokeo

Spokeo is a people search engine that collects public records and social network profile information from online and offline sources. Collected information email address, name, mobile numbers, home addresses, age and Marital status can be. With the help of spokeo website you can reconnect with other persons. You can also use reverse phone lookup service of the spokeo. On the spokeo website your search history is fully privately secured. And you can search by the profile link of your profile. If you want to remove your listing from spokeo, you go on spokeo site opt out page. Here you will have to paste the link of your profile and second column will have to write your email address. Then you will receive a confirmation link on email to remove your profile. You can view the link by clicking on the check, your profile has removed completely.

5. Knowem

When you sign up to the social media site or any other site to promote your product and brand, so your product and brand is enveloped in the world of internet. Through your product, no one you could find on the internet. If you want to disappear on the web, you must use knowem service. With the help of knowem site you can check if your personal name or username, brand, product instantly use on over 500 popular websites emerging social media website.


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