How To Send Large File Very Easily

What is happened to your large file to send, but can not sent. Some email services like, Gmail Yahoo mail and Outlook facility to send the file to give the 25MB, which is much lower. So, send the high resolution video or other big file, then you do? It’s hard to show how you can send heavy file easily…

Many times it happen that at work you want to send the large file, so now there are many such service, where you are given the facility of uploading file on the server. They you want to send the file, they can download files from your computer.

You can use also cloud storage services as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive to sharing Large files. You can upload single files up to 2 GB of size on OneDrive. Here the individual size limit is 1TB (1000GB) besides of Google Drive. There is no limits in file sizes. To large files, you can use Dropbox, here if you upload them to Dropbox through the Desktop app.


WeTransfer is a useful site large file to share. You are size limit of 2GB can send file without the website log in. Let’s go, how can send large file…

First of all open the WeTransfer. Then click on quick skip/I agree option.
After that you will see the ‘add file’ (up to 2GB) option. Once the upload file after she has stored only 7 days. Then again will have to upload it again to send file.
Then click on the file and select your file (you can select multiple file), then click ‘Add more file’ option (if need be), after that click on the ‘Transfer’ option. The link will appear again, and copy.
You now want to send the file whom, Send copied link.
WeTransfer Android and iOS app is also available.


When you send a file have cares in your mind privacy, so you can use JustBeamIt service. This service does not require the file to be stored on the server. When you use the service when it is important to not that the file browsed will create an link. By copying the link to send whom, can send. During this will take care of that while user does not download file, they will keep your with your window on. The link works only once. If anyone else would like to send back file, then the link must create again. How can you use it.
First of all open the JustBeamIt site. Select the file you send it. As soon as the file will be drag or drop, one will be created link.
After that copy the link and send, send. Clicking on the link to open webpage will be. Then click on ‘file download’ icon.
There is no limit to the size of data here. Nor does it take to download a app for this purpose you.


Infinit is also better and easiest way  to send large and small files and folders, of any size to your friends. You will be able to transfer 2GB movie to a recipient on the same WiFi in less than 10 minutes, against 3 hours for WeTransfer or Dropbox. And you can also send a collection of 1,000 photos only 5 minutes. Infinit transfer speeds are up to 30× faster than cloud based service like, Dropbox , WeTransfer , Hightail etc. These service always upload your files to a data center in the US, before they can be downloaded, unlike cloud based services such WeTransfer And Dropbox that store your files unsecured on the cloud, Infinit transfer files to directly from the sender’s desktop, tablet or smartphone to the recipient’s without relying on the cloud. Infinit uses bank-level encryption algorithms to ensure bullet proof security.

But keep in mind, the sender and the recipient would need to download the Infinit app to use peer-to-peer transfer. It is not possible to transfer files from the PC to mobile device.

Infinit lets you send files directly email address. So your friends can easily download the files without installing Infinit. You can also create a link to any of your files and send that link to your friends by email or any other messaging service. Infinit is available for multiple platform Android , iOS , Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

How to send large file by email

Attach a limit to send file through the app, send the file by attaching a limit, but popular email service is also a cloud integration. In this way you can also send large file.
Gmail : It is world’s most popular service. Space here is 25MB of data is saved, through it you can send large file to attach even easily. How to know?
● If you uses gmail’s basic HTML view, then not be able to attach large file. For this you will need to use the Gmail’s default view.
First you click on the compose button of Gmail, which is in the top left, then clock on the + icon in the compose windows. then click on the Drive option. Upload now you file Google drive. This way you can send a 25MB upload a large file.
If you already have a cloud service and are used and you do not want to store your file to the Google drive, then the Chrome, Cloudy Chrome extension can use to share file.
Go to compose mail, after that, the top right click the cloudy button. Then select the cloud service, which you do use. The Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Flickr, Picasa etc supports. Add the file and send it.

Yahoo Mail : If you are using yahoo mail, then 25MB of limit is here. To share the file in yahoo of the Flickr (for image) or Dropbox (all the data) support exists.

Having sign in on yahoo mail, start writing compose by clicking on new mail.
Click on the Down Arrow and then the Flickr can share the attachment. Anyone can open this file. Even if it is not Flickr or Dropbox users. If you are sending attachment through the Dropbox using Yahoo Mail, the attachment can be up to a size of 150MB. For large file you can use directly the Dropbox.

With most popular Skype app You can also send the large documents, videos, photos, and files of any size to your contacts. File transfer is encrypted and performance is best, even for LAN transfers. There is no limits in file sizes. You can send or receive file with Skype and you can use it only peer-to-peer. You can choose the ‘send file’ option to transfer a file.


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