How To Backup Social Media Accounts

Nowadays runway running world, pen drive is easy to keep, but the storage capacity is much less. The cloud storage can be better for you and secured option, in which you can preserve your vast store of memories. So many websites, it provides a free facility. Let us learn about websites bottom something similar.

1. Google Plus

Google plus is Google’s social media platform. Here you can store unlimited photos and videos. Here, the 2 megapixels size of the photos is stored, the size is standard for photos. But you through the “Google drive” can store photos on the “Google plus” in full resolution. On the Google drive, 15GB of free space. You can raise it up to 16TB, but you have to pay $799.99 a month. This option provides you with Google which photos you want to share and which keep to confidential.

2. Flickr

Photographer uses flickr site. Here you can exhibit your work, and can even sales. Flickr, gives their users 1TB (one terabyte) storage space is free. The Flickr websites was designed with photographers in mind. In this store, you can keep up with your photos is full resolution. Moreover, without talking you, you can not linkage photos from here. You can download free Flickr Android App and Flickr iOS App on your mobile. And can use it to upload your photos to your computer via or you can go to work here. This account is fully free, as well as here, there are so many options. You can make your album, you can also tag photos. You can share other picture.
Limitations : you can only put photos on the Flickr itself. And through the iPad, you can not come here.

3. Facebook

Facebook allows you to create many albums and albums to share with someone is not needed. Here the photos downscale for web are set. And you can not full resolution the size of photos download from here, but it gives you unlimited storage limit.

4.  Carbonite

The amazing option, but you can not keep anything free. The unlimited space on the Carbonite to share any data, you will have to spend $59.99/yr – only $5 a month.  Sadly, it only works on computer. But the advantage is that the Carbonite, through cloud server all the data is automatically backup your computer does.

5.  Dropbox

The Dropbox allows you to 2GB of free storage. It is more 100, 200 and 500GB of package, which begins $9.99/month for 1TB. Sadly, it only works on computer. It is quite expensive compared to other cloud storage websites. But here it’s easy to find some files and folders by name, because the integrated search feature here. Here is a business package. When you uploads from the mobile phone, the Dropbox gives you additional 3GB free storage capacity. Here, you view your file in thumbnails view Dropbox Android App and Dropbox iOS App on your mobile can see.


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