10 Best Women Safety Apps

Nowadays crime against women is increasing. Which is of concern nowadays. With some application that can protect women.

Here we will learn about such android applications, which are installed in the smartphone at the time of any emergency by pressing only a button can be used to not only their families and friends informed. But the can also track your location is at house.

1.  bSafe

Available on : Android , iOS ,

This GPS -based safety alarm which at the time of the emergency SOS message sent to the mobile number of your favorite places. After installing the mobile application you can feed some friends and relatives of the mobile number. During the time of any emergency in a big red button on the application or SMS to relatives or friends can call. Application to your friends or relatives at home USP real time GPS tracking system with the help of live can also learn about your location. There are also a timer system in the application, which makes SMS or call in to schedule. This mechanism is also a fake call, after a few seconds to press the fake rings on your phones.

2.  Circle of 6

Available on : Android ,iOS,

Circle of 6 means that you can add in the app of six relative or friends. In case of any emergency or unmanageable automatically already pre -defined application sends SMS alerts on phone numbers. The location keeps sending you with exactly. If you are coming home late at night, or have been in trouble, save numbers in your circle with the help of GPS mapped location and can send SMS.


Available on : Android,

It was develop specifically for safety -women is tracking application. If you go out of the home, and its getting late in coming. So the app’s settings, and automatic notification turn section. Then your relatives or friends continue to receive your location.

4.  Guard my angel

Available on : Android,

You were out of the home somewhere, the the application features a timer. If you the one hour charge timer, and an hour later, do not disable it, then automatically send SOS to contacts will ensure. In any emergency SMS quietly press the SOS button, and the app with location alerts from SMS, Facebook, emails will start. If the cellphone is off, your location is saved in the server will then guard my angel. Then your friends or relatives continue to receive your location on cellphone.

5.  SOS Whistle/Scream Alarm

Available on : Android,

Neither the application nor the SOS messaging feature GPS system. The application whistle sounds any emergency or embarrass. You in this application by pressing the “trigger” button are whistling the phone does not have a specific setting if the cellphone will cause the whistle. The data plan is no needed.

6.  Fight back

Available on : Android, iOS, Windows,

The application is designed in view of India’s social circumstances. The application of any smartphone user can lift installed in java -based phones. An uncomfortable situation, the application connects to your loved once via GPS account. Five mobile numbers you can save it. As you press the panic button in the application’s personalized fightback mobile‘s personalized page is updated on the live alerts, where you can track locations. The application also sends SMS alert on pre -defined numbers. Automatic status updates on the web portal user’s facebook account and sends the SOS message. This message will appear on your facebook friends.

7.  One Touch Location

Available on : Android , iOS,

Time to leave for home from work or have been returned from at late night party, then clicking a button you can send your location to friends or relatives. After sending a location, do not need to click the button again. Sit a home as well as your relatives will continue to monitor your movements.

8.  Life 360 Family Locator

Available on : Android , iOS , Blackberry,

The company, claiming that it is an accurate location. With the help of this app you can track your family members. To find out the exact location and WiFi in addition to GPS , the app also takes phone signal. In addition to send SOS messages to your friends or relatives, the application takes them to save the locations where you frequent. As soon as you arrive at that place, the application will automatically send alert to pre -defend locations on mobile numbers. The application has been panic button, which sends a SMS, email from SOS message.

9.  EyeWatch

Available on : Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows,

The beauty of this app is the mobile phone as soon as it falls out of the hand, immediately becomes active app. Or shaking the phone can be used to activate the app. Active audio, video and image support is also built into the application, as well as being active on the app also sends SOS message location with video, voice, image. The application can also be downloaded from the eye-watch. This application is very popular among women.

10.  StaySafe

Available on : Android, iOS,

There are many new features in this application. If you are being Appointment, the app you can set the timer by putting the detail. Time of extend pin number is required. If the schdule does not let you disable it automatically will be forwarded to contacts details, including location. As panic button, message alerts and sirens began to ring is. And face if forced to close the app, whether it can be turned off if the pin number. Moreover, even when the phone is switched off continues to send alerts.


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