How to Use Google Maps Offline Mode

You now also without internet connection, Google Maps can use offline. For offline use, it can be downloaded to Android, iOS and computer anywhere. You have gone astray , and not internet connection in your smartphone. So what will you do? Don’t worry In such circumstances, Google could being helpful for you.

Recently a new feature have been added in the Google maps, which lets you can save the maps in your smartphone. Yes, this way you can see the maps for a place, where there is not available internet connection. For example, if you keep the map data, so what you can save a lot of time. Lets us tell you how that can be taken advantage of this feature on the android and iOS.

How to save maps offline

* To use this feature, the first in your Google maps account, sign-in.
* “OK Maps” type in the search bar, and click the search button. Opens a dialog box on top of the map, which asks may save this map and a save button appears on the bottom of the screen.
* Now you can select the maps to zoom in or zoom out or move the area, which you want to save. Whatever you do onscreen. It has been downloaded. For example if you save the entire Delhi area, so later you can zoom in any Mohalla or road to see.
* Once you select an area on bottom of the screen button, click save. A dialog box is open. And you are asked to give a name to the map. Give a name to your facility and click to save.
* It is easy to see the map offline. Search bar on the “person” icon to click the “direction” icon. This will bring you to your profile. Scroll to top, and your saved map. If you are to save more than one map, you can rename the first map is saved.

There is also some limitations

Offline, there are some obstacles in the case of saving maps. You are very far when zoom out, so we’ll see the error, which will be very big because the map area can not be saved. For example if you try, then you can saved the whole Delhi of the maps , but as soon as you will try to save the area of the NCR, then it will too large. However, you want to avoid this trouble, then you can save many different maps, it is not a deterrent. One limitation is that only 30 days to data the map is available, ie a months later, you will have to download the map again it is an goodness that even in such a way does not use much space to save maps.

In addition to Google maps, Nokia’s Here Maps and the iOS native Apple Maps also offer such service, but the “OK Maps” feature in Google’s is most.


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