How To Remove Yourself From the Web

Here we are going to describe about How to remove online presence. We all use social media service like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and many more. when we create an account or public profile on social media and other sites, so here we are offered some information like Email Address, Phone number, Age, Date of birth, Current Address (city, state, zip) and Marital status. And our personal information is available to public on the internet. And due to this reason, day and night, we are afraid of their privacy lives.

If you want to remove any url from Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine , you can request to remove the any url from the Google. Google provides a URL Remover Tool for users. Other than this, if your blog post has been published on any other blog or website, that blog about removing your URL, you can talk to the blog author.

These days social networking sites, the process is very easy to make the account or public profile, however , some social networking and other sites, account deletion process is very difficult. When we want to deleted the account some particular websites like Blogger,Wordpress, Youtube, Evernote, Godaddy, Gravator, Barnes and Noble, Argyle, Social, Back blaze and some more. The account may not be fully deleted from the internet. Then you can help these 5 free service and get started.

1. AccountKiller

AccountKiller is a website that provide you to direct link to the account deletion page of most websites. This site offers instructions to terminate your public profile or account on popular websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Hotmail/ Live, Pinterest and many more. You can easily use the site. On the AccountKiller website, websites are shown in two categorizes (whitelisted and blacklisted). Whitelisted sites on AccountKiller whose means that deleting your account or public profile from these websites is very easy. Blacklisted sites means that is very difficult to delete an account from these websites. AccountKiller site also give you instructions on how to delete your account and about deleting policy such that the site can not allow you to fully delete your public profile or account.

2. Just Delete Me

Just Delete Me provide you huge list of direct links to removing your account or personal profile from any website. You go to Just Delete Me website. Here you will know that how difficult it is to remove an account or public profile? There are four categorizes sites on the Just Delete Me website. Greenlisted, redlisted, yellowlisted and blacklisted. Greenlisted sites means that these sites are very easy to remove the account. Redlisted sites means, that removing your account or personal profile from these websites is very  difficult. Yellowlisted websites means that the site is moderately difficult to remove your account. And blacklisted sites means that it is impossible to remove the account from these sites. The Just Delete Me site, a fake identity generator tool too. The tool to remove a random site’s account is used. Random site’s means, who are in need of mobile number, birth date, address and other information. This site is also a chrome extension. If you so desire, you can add the Just Delete Me chrome extension in your chrome browser from chrome web store. 

3. Forget Me

If you want to disappear on the Google and Bing search engine, forget me is a useful and easy website for you. This site help you simply find all other information that is appear at Google and Bing search engine result. To use this service, you can easily sign up for an account and create yourself search erase request. Within your search erase request, you will be appear a que of your names with  other search result. Here you can add those links that are not visible in this search results. After selecting all the link, if you want to disappear on the web,can disappear.

4. Spokeo

Spokeo is a people search engine that collects public records and social network profile information from online and offline sources. Collected information email address, name, mobile numbers, home addresses, age and Marital status can be. With the help of spokeo website you can reconnect with other persons. You can also use reverse phone lookup service of the spokeo. On the spokeo website your search history is fully privately secured. And you can search by the profile link of your profile. If you want to remove your listing from spokeo, you go on spokeo site opt out page. Here you will have to paste the link of your profile and second column will have to write your email address. Then you will receive a confirmation link on email to remove your profile. You can view the link by clicking on the check, your profile has removed completely.

5. Knowem

When you sign up to the social media site or any other site to promote your product and brand, so your product and brand is enveloped in the world of internet. Through your product, no one you could find on the internet. If you want to disappear on the web, you must use knowem service. With the help of knowem site you can check if your personal name or username, brand, product instantly use on over 500 popular websites emerging social media website.

How To Send Large File Very Easily

What is happened to your large file to send, but can not sent. Some email services like, Gmail Yahoo mail and Outlook facility to send the file to give the 25MB, which is much lower. So, send the high resolution video or other big file, then you do? It’s hard to show how you can send heavy file easily…

Many times it happen that at work you want to send the large file, so now there are many such service, where you are given the facility of uploading file on the server. They you want to send the file, they can download files from your computer.

You can use also cloud storage services as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive to sharing Large files. You can upload single files up to 2 GB of size on OneDrive. Here the individual size limit is 1TB (1000GB) besides of Google Drive. There is no limits in file sizes. To large files, you can use Dropbox, here if you upload them to Dropbox through the Desktop app.


WeTransfer is a useful site large file to share. You are size limit of 2GB can send file without the website log in. Let’s go, how can send large file…

First of all open the WeTransfer. Then click on quick skip/I agree option.
After that you will see the ‘add file’ (up to 2GB) option. Once the upload file after she has stored only 7 days. Then again will have to upload it again to send file.
Then click on the file and select your file (you can select multiple file), then click ‘Add more file’ option (if need be), after that click on the ‘Transfer’ option. The link will appear again, and copy.
You now want to send the file whom, Send copied link.
WeTransfer Android and iOS app is also available.


When you send a file have cares in your mind privacy, so you can use JustBeamIt service. This service does not require the file to be stored on the server. When you use the service when it is important to not that the file browsed will create an link. By copying the link to send whom, can send. During this will take care of that while user does not download file, they will keep your with your window on. The link works only once. If anyone else would like to send back file, then the link must create again. How can you use it.
First of all open the JustBeamIt site. Select the file you send it. As soon as the file will be drag or drop, one will be created link.
After that copy the link and send, send. Clicking on the link to open webpage will be. Then click on ‘file download’ icon.
There is no limit to the size of data here. Nor does it take to download a app for this purpose you.


Infinit is also better and easiest way  to send large and small files and folders, of any size to your friends. You will be able to transfer 2GB movie to a recipient on the same WiFi in less than 10 minutes, against 3 hours for WeTransfer or Dropbox. And you can also send a collection of 1,000 photos only 5 minutes. Infinit transfer speeds are up to 30× faster than cloud based service like, Dropbox , WeTransfer , Hightail etc. These service always upload your files to a data center in the US, before they can be downloaded, unlike cloud based services such WeTransfer And Dropbox that store your files unsecured on the cloud, Infinit transfer files to directly from the sender’s desktop, tablet or smartphone to the recipient’s without relying on the cloud. Infinit uses bank-level encryption algorithms to ensure bullet proof security.

But keep in mind, the sender and the recipient would need to download the Infinit app to use peer-to-peer transfer. It is not possible to transfer files from the PC to mobile device.

Infinit lets you send files directly email address. So your friends can easily download the files without installing Infinit. You can also create a link to any of your files and send that link to your friends by email or any other messaging service. Infinit is available for multiple platform Android , iOS , Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

How to send large file by email

Attach a limit to send file through the app, send the file by attaching a limit, but popular email service is also a cloud integration. In this way you can also send large file.
Gmail : It is world’s most popular service. Space here is 25MB of data is saved, through it you can send large file to attach even easily. How to know?
● If you uses gmail’s basic HTML view, then not be able to attach large file. For this you will need to use the Gmail’s default view.
First you click on the compose button of Gmail, which is in the top left, then clock on the + icon in the compose windows. then click on the Drive option. Upload now you file Google drive. This way you can send a 25MB upload a large file.
If you already have a cloud service and are used and you do not want to store your file to the Google drive, then the Chrome, Cloudy Chrome extension can use to share file.
Go to compose mail, after that, the top right click the cloudy button. Then select the cloud service, which you do use. The Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Flickr, Picasa etc supports. Add the file and send it.

Yahoo Mail : If you are using yahoo mail, then 25MB of limit is here. To share the file in yahoo of the Flickr (for image) or Dropbox (all the data) support exists.

Having sign in on yahoo mail, start writing compose by clicking on new mail.
Click on the Down Arrow and then the Flickr can share the attachment. Anyone can open this file. Even if it is not Flickr or Dropbox users. If you are sending attachment through the Dropbox using Yahoo Mail, the attachment can be up to a size of 150MB. For large file you can use directly the Dropbox.

With most popular Skype app You can also send the large documents, videos, photos, and files of any size to your contacts. File transfer is encrypted and performance is best, even for LAN transfers. There is no limits in file sizes. You can send or receive file with Skype and you can use it only peer-to-peer. You can choose the ‘send file’ option to transfer a file.

How To Backup Social Media Accounts

Nowadays runway running world, pen drive is easy to keep, but the storage capacity is much less. The cloud storage can be better for you and secured option, in which you can preserve your vast store of memories. So many websites, it provides a free facility. Let us learn about websites bottom something similar.

1. Google Plus

Google plus is Google’s social media platform. Here you can store unlimited photos and videos. Here, the 2 megapixels size of the photos is stored, the size is standard for photos. But you through the “Google drive” can store photos on the “Google plus” in full resolution. On the Google drive, 15GB of free space. You can raise it up to 16TB, but you have to pay $799.99 a month. This option provides you with Google which photos you want to share and which keep to confidential.

2. Flickr

Photographer uses flickr site. Here you can exhibit your work, and can even sales. Flickr, gives their users 1TB (one terabyte) storage space is free. The Flickr websites was designed with photographers in mind. In this store, you can keep up with your photos is full resolution. Moreover, without talking you, you can not linkage photos from here. You can download free Flickr Android App and Flickr iOS App on your mobile. And can use it to upload your photos to your computer via or you can go to work here. This account is fully free, as well as here, there are so many options. You can make your album, you can also tag photos. You can share other picture.
Limitations : you can only put photos on the Flickr itself. And through the iPad, you can not come here.

3. Facebook

Facebook allows you to create many albums and albums to share with someone is not needed. Here the photos downscale for web are set. And you can not full resolution the size of photos download from here, but it gives you unlimited storage limit.

4.  Carbonite

The amazing option, but you can not keep anything free. The unlimited space on the Carbonite to share any data, you will have to spend $59.99/yr – only $5 a month.  Sadly, it only works on computer. But the advantage is that the Carbonite, through cloud server all the data is automatically backup your computer does.

5.  Dropbox

The Dropbox allows you to 2GB of free storage. It is more 100, 200 and 500GB of package, which begins $9.99/month for 1TB. Sadly, it only works on computer. It is quite expensive compared to other cloud storage websites. But here it’s easy to find some files and folders by name, because the integrated search feature here. Here is a business package. When you uploads from the mobile phone, the Dropbox gives you additional 3GB free storage capacity. Here, you view your file in thumbnails view Dropbox Android App and Dropbox iOS App on your mobile can see.

10 Best Women Safety Apps

Nowadays crime against women is increasing. Which is of concern nowadays. With some application that can protect women.

Here we will learn about such android applications, which are installed in the smartphone at the time of any emergency by pressing only a button can be used to not only their families and friends informed. But the can also track your location is at house.

1.  bSafe

Available on : Android , iOS ,

This GPS -based safety alarm which at the time of the emergency SOS message sent to the mobile number of your favorite places. After installing the mobile application you can feed some friends and relatives of the mobile number. During the time of any emergency in a big red button on the application or SMS to relatives or friends can call. Application to your friends or relatives at home USP real time GPS tracking system with the help of live can also learn about your location. There are also a timer system in the application, which makes SMS or call in to schedule. This mechanism is also a fake call, after a few seconds to press the fake rings on your phones.

2.  Circle of 6

Available on : Android ,iOS,

Circle of 6 means that you can add in the app of six relative or friends. In case of any emergency or unmanageable automatically already pre -defined application sends SMS alerts on phone numbers. The location keeps sending you with exactly. If you are coming home late at night, or have been in trouble, save numbers in your circle with the help of GPS mapped location and can send SMS.


Available on : Android,

It was develop specifically for safety -women is tracking application. If you go out of the home, and its getting late in coming. So the app’s settings, and automatic notification turn section. Then your relatives or friends continue to receive your location.

4.  Guard my angel

Available on : Android,

You were out of the home somewhere, the the application features a timer. If you the one hour charge timer, and an hour later, do not disable it, then automatically send SOS to contacts will ensure. In any emergency SMS quietly press the SOS button, and the app with location alerts from SMS, Facebook, emails will start. If the cellphone is off, your location is saved in the server will then guard my angel. Then your friends or relatives continue to receive your location on cellphone.

5.  SOS Whistle/Scream Alarm

Available on : Android,

Neither the application nor the SOS messaging feature GPS system. The application whistle sounds any emergency or embarrass. You in this application by pressing the “trigger” button are whistling the phone does not have a specific setting if the cellphone will cause the whistle. The data plan is no needed.

6.  Fight back

Available on : Android, iOS, Windows,

The application is designed in view of India’s social circumstances. The application of any smartphone user can lift installed in java -based phones. An uncomfortable situation, the application connects to your loved once via GPS account. Five mobile numbers you can save it. As you press the panic button in the application’s personalized fightback mobile‘s personalized page is updated on the live alerts, where you can track locations. The application also sends SMS alert on pre -defined numbers. Automatic status updates on the web portal user’s facebook account and sends the SOS message. This message will appear on your facebook friends.

7.  One Touch Location

Available on : Android , iOS,

Time to leave for home from work or have been returned from at late night party, then clicking a button you can send your location to friends or relatives. After sending a location, do not need to click the button again. Sit a home as well as your relatives will continue to monitor your movements.

8.  Life 360 Family Locator

Available on : Android , iOS , Blackberry,

The company, claiming that it is an accurate location. With the help of this app you can track your family members. To find out the exact location and WiFi in addition to GPS , the app also takes phone signal. In addition to send SOS messages to your friends or relatives, the application takes them to save the locations where you frequent. As soon as you arrive at that place, the application will automatically send alert to pre -defend locations on mobile numbers. The application has been panic button, which sends a SMS, email from SOS message.

9.  EyeWatch

Available on : Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows,

The beauty of this app is the mobile phone as soon as it falls out of the hand, immediately becomes active app. Or shaking the phone can be used to activate the app. Active audio, video and image support is also built into the application, as well as being active on the app also sends SOS message location with video, voice, image. The application can also be downloaded from the eye-watch. This application is very popular among women.

10.  StaySafe

Available on : Android, iOS,

There are many new features in this application. If you are being Appointment, the app you can set the timer by putting the detail. Time of extend pin number is required. If the schdule does not let you disable it automatically will be forwarded to contacts details, including location. As panic button, message alerts and sirens began to ring is. And face if forced to close the app, whether it can be turned off if the pin number. Moreover, even when the phone is switched off continues to send alerts.

The 17 Best Useful Free Software For Windows and Mac

When you buys a new PC, preloaded software do not come much more your Windows and Mac PC. But you prefer, you can archive the amazing tools without spending. Here we will know about some tools.

For Windows:

1. Cam studio
This is a useful software. Whatever you are screen, it is competent in her record. It is recorded and converted into video. If you want to display on your computer is something. You want to broadcast it on the web, cam studio start. Next click on ” Record” icon. Minimize windows. If you want to do, she started it . After completing the work, go to ” cam studio” . Now high quality .avi video of your action. It’s just like a camera to record your screen is easy.

You can take it from here.

2.  Cross loop
If you work on windows while trapped in a problem, so you can help. Crossloop lets anyone can connect to your computer. And your permission to can be working for some time on your computer, for this you do not need complicated VNC clients or IP address. It simply must be installed on both the PC/Mac Crossloop. Another great internet connection should be. After this you can connect to each other. Connection is safe. And may be used only with the help of password. When you start it, so every time passkeys is generated.

You can take it from here.

3.  Dexpot

This is a great utility for the virtual desktop. If you windows while working on multiple Windows at the same time want to open, then gets stuck in your old desktop and taskbar confused. Dexpot’s help, you can keep four different desktop. Each of these can be operate like a personal computer. These are all the different windows. And all the different program are run. Keyboard shortcut’s help, you can switch between. If you are used to the little screen laptop, so it could be useful for you.

You can take it from here.

4.  Eraser
If you are selling your old computer or hard drive, so it keeps in mind the idea that there will be sure something data in it in one way or another. Although you do delete all the data, with the help of some software, like recuva, it can be recovered. So, you can take help’s eraser software. With the help of this software you like your computer can deleted all the data safely forever. After this the data can not be recovered again. Eraser software lets over right your data the randomly pattern. And you can too choose your desired security level.

You can take it from here.

5.  Screenleap

Screenleap  is a screen sharing service. But if you are accustomed to working on any web browser, you do not need to download and install anything, nor bother to sign in. For this you must have java, which is that most already. You want to share your screen with the people, the people on a smartphone  or tablet without the help of any application web browser access can make use of. The biggest advantage is that you can sharing together with several people.

You can take it from here.

6.  Recuva

You can recover your document with the help of Recuva. Maybe the built-in hard drive of your computer to the data has been deleted or has been flying external USB flash drive or the data from a connected digital camera, can help you with this software. When you click on delete, then delete the file is not in reality, it is hidden. And free space is ready to go and anything can happen. As you already do not overwrite this data, or turn memory device format, it can be recovered.

You can take it from here.

7.  Keepass

Keepass is a great software to store secure password. You can use it to store many password. These passwords can be encrypted with a single master password. It keeps all of the data in highly encrypted database. As a tool you can keep password, credit card information and bank id important data. A single master password are protected from it all. Your data is encrypted automatically on your computer. It is use of most secure encryption algorithm.

You can take it from here.

8.  Rocket dock

If you should like Mac OS EX silk software dock and launcher, so you can take the help of rocket dock. It is very lighter. It captures not system resources. It is completely customizable. You can choose a location. You can choose different theme and animation effect. Easily add and remove shortcuts with the help of the drag and drop.
If you want, you can replace the windows taskbar completely standard. In this mode, your application dock will be minimize.

You can take it from here.

9.  Truecrypt

If some that files in your computer, but that you should except no view, you should use of the Truecrypt. This is a automatic and realtime open source encryption software. This keep can have anything on your hard drive. This data gives the reach of apocryphal person. With its help you can too create a encrypted volume. It uses technique of the latest multi core processor is encryption – decryption. It is not the scope of your system be slow. It is very easy to use.

You can take it from here.

10.  Xbmc

Xbmc is a best media center software to windows. It’s many works. If you have TV – connected PC. Or you watches movie on the laptop, listens song, see photos, when the Xbmc is inevitable. The interface of the easily to understand and easy TV is seeing. It does not happen in simple windows interface. That makes it even more special Xbmc users community is very impressive. And the add – ons are also good.

You can take it from here.

11.  Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a most popular tool for desktop customization. Because you gets limited desktop customization in windows. It is replaced by the entire desktop “skins”. You can add widget, nots, launch application or unique box, in your machine. Not only that, you free it with the community installed can use thousands skins.

You can take it from here.

12.  Zip

7 – zip is a best open source software. If you mostly deal with the zipd archives, then you may need a tool winzip, more powerful. It can handle all the format of packing and unpacking. It can be easily upgrade to the system. Its also high compretion format called the 7z. This is of great use in sending large file is smaller.

You can take it from here

For Mac:

13.  Mac Android file transfer

To transfer data from Mac to android or tablet it is a best tool. That is why, unlike windows, like Mac android or tablet connects mass storage for data transfer. If you are using Mac and android device, so it must have tool. When you connect the device, the popup appears. That does facility access internet popup. It also can use the Micro SD card. It also does support the drag and drop feature.

You can take it from here.

14.  Onyx

This tool run your Mac is rapidly. This tool offers many advanced maintenance and cleaning tool. You can select the desired service in automation section. Maintenance  of this tool does work for you automatically. It also helps you to access inbuilt OSA X tool, like screen sharing and network diagnostic.

You can take it from here.

15.  Xtrafinder

It adds some extra features your Mac default finder windows. Like, new file, copy to and move to, show hidden items refresh, cut, duel windows, folder tab, copy path, duel panels. With its help, if necessary, you can also add second sidebar in finder windows option. Which would be easy for your working style.

You can take it from here.

16.  Alfredapp

Alfredapp is a productivity assistance that lets you launch the apps and files and does help. This tools can help you search in the web and PC. This does facility the customize hotkeys on the keyboard. Use your regular files signed monitors. And accordingly determines the result to the pryoriti.

You can take it from here.

17.  F.lux

If you works on most Mac, the F.lux must be at the uppermost. The app reduces the fatigue of your eyes. At day the display time separates itself.

You can take it from here .

How to Use Google Maps Offline Mode

You now also without internet connection, Google Maps can use offline. For offline use, it can be downloaded to Android, iOS and computer anywhere. You have gone astray , and not internet connection in your smartphone. So what will you do? Don’t worry In such circumstances, Google could being helpful for you.

Recently a new feature have been added in the Google maps, which lets you can save the maps in your smartphone. Yes, this way you can see the maps for a place, where there is not available internet connection. For example, if you keep the map data, so what you can save a lot of time. Lets us tell you how that can be taken advantage of this feature on the android and iOS.

How to save maps offline

* To use this feature, the first in your Google maps account, sign-in.
* “OK Maps” type in the search bar, and click the search button. Opens a dialog box on top of the map, which asks may save this map and a save button appears on the bottom of the screen.
* Now you can select the maps to zoom in or zoom out or move the area, which you want to save. Whatever you do onscreen. It has been downloaded. For example if you save the entire Delhi area, so later you can zoom in any Mohalla or road to see.
* Once you select an area on bottom of the screen button, click save. A dialog box is open. And you are asked to give a name to the map. Give a name to your facility and click to save.
* It is easy to see the map offline. Search bar on the “person” icon to click the “direction” icon. This will bring you to your profile. Scroll to top, and your saved map. If you are to save more than one map, you can rename the first map is saved.

There is also some limitations

Offline, there are some obstacles in the case of saving maps. You are very far when zoom out, so we’ll see the error, which will be very big because the map area can not be saved. For example if you try, then you can saved the whole Delhi of the maps , but as soon as you will try to save the area of the NCR, then it will too large. However, you want to avoid this trouble, then you can save many different maps, it is not a deterrent. One limitation is that only 30 days to data the map is available, ie a months later, you will have to download the map again it is an goodness that even in such a way does not use much space to save maps.

In addition to Google maps, Nokia’s Here Maps and the iOS native Apple Maps also offer such service, but the “OK Maps” feature in Google’s is most.